On our quest to complete 150 hours of volunteer time before Canada's 150th Anniversary, we are learning a little more about some amazing programs in and around the city of Calgary that our team members are passionate about.

One Arcurvian tells us a bit about volunteering with "Grow Calgary":

"I decided to get involved with Grow Calgary because I believe that everyone, regardless of income, should have access to fresh, healthy food.  Grow Calgary is a 100% volunteer run 11 acre urban farm, just past Calgary Olympic Park, that grows and provides fresh, organic produce for people in need.  Once you volunteer, it becomes “your farm”.  We’ve done everything from collecting debris to keep the farm clean, putting our carpentry skills to use to rebuild a damaged greenhouse, installing shelving for larger plants in the earth-ship, and helping transplant seedlings started in the shipping container turned hydroponics  garden.  Involvement extends past the volunteer farmers.  Local organic restaurants donate food waste for composting, and Aurora Cannabis donates all of the pots (regulations prohibit them from reusing them) that Grow Calgary uses for early germination. Spending some time in the sun, working hard, and playing in the dirt, while helping Calgary’s vulnerable in the process, has been a very rewarding experience."

You can find out more about Grow Calgary on their Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram accounts (@GrowCalgary)