We're a software company with all the things that you would expect: games tables, social Fridays (well, not just Friday), a history of rocket launches, and the best-stocked snack cupboard in corporate Calgary. But that's not why you want to join us.

You want to be an Arcurvian because you want an immersive internship experience. You want to be engaged in developing real-world business solutions - and you will be. Here, you'll join project-based teams in our collective peer environment, putting your knowledge from all those school courses to use towards practical and hands-on applications. Surrounded by a broad range of skilled fellow Arcurvians, you will discover constant opportunities to learn more and gain new experiences working in our industry. With our range of international clients, you may even find yourself exploring the world in your free time!

Some past internship projects have included:

  • Website development (ASP.Net) for a local service organization
  • Development in C# for a facility management tool for an international oil & gas company
  • Design and development of time tracking system using ASP.Net and SQL Server
  • Providing co-source support and maintenance on several applications in Delphi and .Net
  • Analysis and documentation for a suite of oil and gas software applications

If you’d like to take your skills to the next level, take a look at the Arcurve Internship 2017 Challenge and submit your response and resume to