Software Developer (contract)

Goal:  Support a variety of different clients in a number of custom application development roles through hands on, iterative software development practices.  Design and implement business driven solutions utilizing your skills in build, database and applications development for oil and gas companies. 

Performance Objectives:

This role will ask you to perform the following business objectives in conjunction with providing superior client services and contributing to a cross functional team:

  • Provide expertise in all aspects of the software development lifecycle simultaneously, or independently including analysis, design, development, testing, deployment and training
  • Development skills ranging from VB to VB.Net, C++ to C#.NET,  SQL Server and Oracle
  • Develop web applications in ASP.Net MVC and WinForm based desk top applications
  • Make decisions regarding implementing custom code vs. using existing reporting from tools such as SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Utilize knowledge of Stored Procedures such as T-SQL and PL\SQL
  • Provide support for business analysis with clients in specific E&P related processes
  • Pragmatic approach to problem solving understanding the need for business results
  • Take on client facing roles that interact with business stake holders and test your problem solving skills

Key Qualities We Value

  • Genuine interest and curiosity in all things technical
  • Aptitude and desire to learn a wide variety of domains
  • Creativity in most anything you do (technical or non-technical)
  • Honesty in your work and interactions with others
  • Ability  to solve challenging problems
  • Desire to work in a team environment and bring something to the workplace culture

If You Value the Same

Send your resume to  Preference will be given to those candidates who are able to demonstrate how they have directly implemented and worked with technologies/projects listed in their application.

Must be legally eligible to work in Canada. This is a Calgary based contract position and please note at this time we do not offer remote work opportunities or relocation/sponsorship assistance. 

Impress us! Tell us what language this is written in and what it does:

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