• Calgary Custom Software - Insights - LightSwitch

    Visual Studio LightSwitch

    Arcurve has used various technical approaches over the years, but one we are currently following with interest is Microsoft's Visual Studio LightSwitch

  • Calgary Custom Software - Case Studies-15

    Global Commercial Product Development

    The client, a large multinational Oil and Gas software company, was looking for a partner to take on the life cycle management of a suite of commercial products. The software products involve the Production lifecycle and enjoy more than 1500 users in over 100 Oil and Gas companies world-wide.

  • HTML5


    HTML5 is a multilingual markup language, hailed as the new standard for presenting content on the internet. The scope of HTML5 is huge - it is expected to replace all existing HTML specifications, including forms, audio, video, 2D graphics, document editing, offline applications, and more.

  • ABCs of BI

    ABC's of BI

    At Arcurve, we believe that BI is the process of identifying, extracting and analyzing data that includes both reporting and mining of data. It is about identification of patterns and correlations. If you know the correlation exists, then you report upon it. If you don’t know, you have to look for patterns and relationships.

  • Asset Management

    Asset Management System

    Our client engaged Arcurve to create the reporting system around IFRS requirements for an asset management system – integrating with their existing operational systems (both domestic and internationally). The project was delivered in phases.

  • Calgary Custom Software - Case Studies - SharePoint Services

    SharePoint Services

    Arcurve mentors departments on how to solve their specific business needs using SharePoint, designing a solution to the business need, training their power users and ensuring the solution maintains company-wide standards for intranet structure.

  • Calgary Custom Software - Case Studies - OpentInvoice and QBYTE Integration

    OpenInvoice and QBYTE Integration

    Based on the input from the client, Arcurve reviewed the business process and proposed a solution. To integrate the two distinct products, Arcurve created Invoice Loader. Invoice Loader receives an XML file from the OpenInvoice system.

  • Application Development

    Co-Source Application Development and Sustainment

    Arcurve proposed a solution that would apply Enerplus’ domain and technology expertise, and “filled-in-the blanks” with skilled Arcurve software experts. Arcurve provided efficient and cost-effective application development, which made room for the advancement of Enerplus technology experts.

  • Arcurve - Purus software implementation case study

    Collaboration Management Solution

    Purus called in Arcurve to deploy a small, experienced and motivated team to give them the extra support they required. From architecture to deployment and all aspects in between, Arcurve provides exceptional software professionals who are up to speed quickly.