Asset Management

One of Arcurve’s clients has undertaken sweeping changes to its resource management process. They called upon Arcurve to help implement the technological changes required.

We have been working with them to create a resource/asset management system that links to the accounting system.  We are also creating a tool for forecasting/planning on equipment they build and deploy. The solution is the single source system of record for inventory control and asset management.

Our client engaged Arcurve to create the reporting system around IFRS requirements for an asset management system – integrating with their existing operational systems (both domestic and internationally). The project was delivered in phases. The accounting system enabled our client to understand the value on the General Ledger, but there was little to no detail as to how many particular assets there are and where the assets are located. Inventory control was able to tell them how many pieces of equipment exist, but not the monetary value of each piece (which was dependent upon location, jurisdiction, etc...). In conjunction with our client we have built a solution that solves this issue, as well as being able to manage the depreciation of individual pieces of equipment (even as they may move from location to location).

The second phase was focused upon the consolidation of existing systems of record that were previously geographically separate. This phase was completed in early 2012 and is now the system of record.

Phase three of the Resource Management System has been focused upon valuable additions to the system. Additions such as the ability to track multi-national commercial invoicing, enhanced auditing capabilities of export documents, elimination of multiple spreadsheets.

RMS has allowed our client to improve their management of the supply chain, as well as improve the management of the capital upgrading and capital repairs. RMS allows for recordable and deliverable invoicing, and has allowed for the enhancement of the workflow for contract manufacturing.

The Solution

  • Asset Management
  • IFRS Compliance
  • Capital upgrading and repairs
  • Worldwide distributed system
  • Commercial Invoicing

The Technology

  • MVVM
  • MS SQL Server
  • Silverlight
  • C# .NET
  • MS Dynamics SL
  • SSIS