At Arcurve, having the ability to marry technology and upstream industry knowledge and experience makes the relationship with our clients unique and effective. We place importance on a sustainable model, being transparent and working with our clients in a way that makes sense. 

We caught up with Michael Smith, IT Director of Bellatrix Exploration last week to discuss how Arcurve and Bellatrix are working together.   Arcurve was brought in as trusted partner in the area of upstream Exploration and Production technology projects.  We currently provide deep subject matter expertise in areas of Production Operations, Field Data Capture, Well Life Cycle and Health and Safety.  As a fast growing E&P, BXE faced challenges with silo'd information between key operational systems. Arcurve built out an effective Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing strategy to pull critical information for BXE and to enable BXE to gain/maintain its leadership position in the intermediate O&G space.  Arcurve works closely with BXE leadership from the envisioning stage onto build and delivery of the technology components.  In addition to expertise in E&P space, BXE leverages Arcurve expertise in Change Management, Communications and Compliance.

Bellatrix has gone through a tremendous amount of growth, increasing production from 4,000 BOE/day to almost 50,000/day in a short period of time. “Growth doesn’t take a linear path, and for that reason I wanted to build in elasticity into our strategic plan. The classical style of hiring doesn’t offer agility the way working with a third-party service provider does.” said Smith.  It is that mentality and vision that has facilitated the relationship with Arcurve and Bellatrix over the last three years.

In that time period, Smith and the team at Bellatrix needed to meet increasing demands of the organization.  “Arcurve’s model affords us the opportunity to ramp up quickly, and if need be, ramp down”.

Smith adds: “Few IT service companies understand how to add value.  Arcurve, from day one, has worked with us to bring the right technical and business expertise to bear at the right time… and we haven’t been saddled with rigid statements of work.”  Both Smith and Arcurve know that there is an ebb and flow to the service work.  “Arcurve’s bench strength is second to none – they perform well beyond the competition.  They bring an element of trust.  They know they are entering into a team environment and quickly add value.  The strength of Arcurve is not only technical, but in Upstream business domain as well.  Their ability to bridge the technical and the business has shown fantastic results for us.”

“Their relationship with other software companies also brings an added value that few can match.  They are a true advocate for Bellatrix when dealing with other software vendors.”

 At Arcurve, we hire the right people and as proven in our relationship with Bellatrix, a combination of superior knowledge in software development & integration and a wealth of experience in the oil & gas industry, we are able to offer a unique value. Michael concluded our sit down with “Vendors can be a lot of work – they may not appreciate the big picture of what we are trying to achieve.  Arcurve has been a fantastic vendor to work with.”