The Cloud(1)

The needs of our client were twofold: rewrite an existing application to better suit their national business, and provision a Cloud hosted environment for the new application. The existing application was used to track resources; nationwide, members of the organization were able to upload and access information. 

Arcurve developed a web-based solution which allowed this information to be shared faster and in greater volumes between members. The client’s team concluded through independent analysis that a Cloud platform would provide the best fit. However, the client was unsure of how to proceed with arranging, configuring and supporting the cloud environment for successful production deployment.

As part of our full-service offering, the Arcurve team’s experience working with Cloud enabled them to not only develop the required software but also to deploy it for production. Arcurve evaluated the client’s needs and worked jointly with the client to select a vendor and the appropriate components. They then configured the application to be installed and have continued working with the client to provide long-term maintenance within the Cloud environment.