Mobile App Development

Arcurve’s mobile application development is at the forefront of the industry.  We have developed mobile applications for our customers that have been deployed on various platforms. Here are two quick overviews of some recent work:

  • An Android mobile application for managed data entry. The application allows drivers to capture delivery information on site and transmit in near-real time back to dispatch (volumes, delivery issues, etc).  It shows all station maps and route maps to the driver based upon the dispatched delivery plan.  The mobile app validates locations, load parameters and delivery parameters for each delivery.  The tool integrates with a server based dispatching tool.  The application updates as dispatch changes information back at headquarters. As well, it provides offline capability to account for periods of no data connection.
  • A multi-platform (Android, iOS) application to display real-time data from remote drilling locations.  It has charting functionality that shows tracing information for large volume data sets in a configurable UI that allows the display of multiple tracks of information on a screen simultaneously.  The solution allows access to all well info based upon well or rig. An important feature was secure communication that would prevent unauthorized users from accessing well information.  Alarm configurations are managed from the device to set thresholds on any data point for visual and audible alerts.