Cloud Migration Strategies

When developing a cloud strategy, it is essential to consider all possibilities. A thorough analysis of requirements, risks, and anticipated benefits will help to determine short and long term strategy. What should you migrate? When should you migrate? What kind of cloud model do you need? 

To cloud or not to cloud is the question we hope to help you answer. In this Whitepaper, we want to share with you some insights and examples of where cloud migration made sense, where it didn’t and why, no matter what your configuration is and no matter what you have spent to date, the analysis is worth the effort.

We will explore three case studies where the following factors contributed to organizations considering “to cloud or not to cloud”:

  • Excess on-premise server capacity
  • Desire to automate database provisioning
  • Exploring cost-savings potential

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Arcurve Whitepaper - To be or not to be: What is your Cloud strategy?

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