Ongoing cost management has become a priority for oil and gas companies in the current “lower for longer” environment. In response, Arcurve has introduced Managed Application Services (MAS). Many of Arcurve’s clients are successfully freeing up precious capital for other E&P activities by repositioning their IT spend and having an industry tailored approach to sustainment of existing systems, applications, and processes.

In this Whitepaper we would like to share some of the collaborative approaches taken by leading oil and gas companies in this challenging environment. We will explore three case studies where companies thinking “who ya gonna call" lead to the following cost-saving initiatives:

  • Saving $1 Million in capital expenses by bringing in a pragmatic approach to the evaluation of applications and workflows
  • Solving routine application issues and introducing improvements that allow our clients to continue working on "mission critical" objectives as part of their business projects
  • Saving $2 Million annually in operating expenses by re-evaluating application work flows and adapting them to a more modern, and technically suited, environment 

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Who Ya Gonna Call? To provide specialized technical oil and gas expertise while saving on operating and capital expenses at the same time

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