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We offer immersive student experiences. Engage and collaborate with software professionals solving real-world business problems. Gain hands-on experience and apply all that you’ve learned (and more!) while you work with and learn from our talented team.

Intern Software Developers

Full-Time (8-16 Months)

Summer Student Software Developers

Full-Time (4 Months)

Business Analyst - Summer Student

Full-Time (4 Months)

Business Development - Summer Student

Full-Time (4 Months)

Project Manager - Summer Student

Full-Time (4 Months)

We are no longer accepting applications for 2021 Summer Students and Internships.
Please check back in the Fall of 2021!

Our Student Feed

Nathan Sehn & Annelyse Tycholis

Three Quick Tips to Survive Work at Home!

1. Take Micro-Breaks Take 5 - 10 minute breaks each hour, by getting up and getting the blood flowing to your legs. 2. Make Meetings Interactive & Fun Encourage your team to turn on their cameras and use virtual backgrounds to make a space more professional or to make meetings more exciting! 3. Work Life Balance Setting aside a space in your house that is for work, if you don’t have a separate space you can go to, try dressing for work at home in a similar way that you would dress at the office.

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CSS Conquered with Webflow

For anyone who has dipped their toes into front-end web development, they know the struggles of CSS and having things interact with each other in VERY unexpected ways. Webflow, a web development SaaS gives developers an easy to use interface for HTML/CSS & JavaScript use. It eases you through the basic principles of CSS and gives you visuals to help you understand what CSS's rich syntax can actually accomplish from a design standpoint. This allows developers to focus more on UI/UX without worry.

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Engaging, enjoyable, and challenging yet manageable are just a few ways to describe my internship experience thus far.

This summers internship has been such a fantastic experience. Throughout this summer, I've had the opportunity to work alongside Konstantin and the Houston team. I've also been able to develop is a web application that pulls, analyzes, and interprets raw COVID data from several websites. This project was done in Python, using Plotly for the visualizations, Dash and Flask to build this web application, and Heroku was used to host this web application.

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