How We Started

In 2006, we started Arcurve with a belief that there was a better way to deliver professional services in the technology industry. Our three guiding principles have been the foundation of a dynamic team culture and enduring client-base for more than 15 years.

A belief in the potential of technology and softwareExecution and delivery for clients by top tier talentCollaboration at all levels – we are a team

  • A belief in the potential of technology and software
  • Execution and delivery for clients by top tier talent
  • Collaboration at all levels – we are a team

The Arcurve Way

We are committed to client success. Our clients own the work, generated by our world class team.  This allows for the long-term stability of their technology investment. Our goal is simple:  to help clients realize their business objectives by delivering professional technology services, whether strategic advice, consulting services or full-stack software development.

We're Always Growing

To ensure we’re always reaching our full potential and offering you the best-in-class professional services you deserve, we’re always growing: our company, our employees, our contractors, our students, our client base and our technology offerings. The addition of Censeo and Menome to the Arcurve family has allowed us to expand our offering and deliver an ever-widening range of solutions to meet your business needs.

Censeo Group

In 2019, we added the Censeo Group to the Arcurve family. Leveraging deep business insight and pragmatic problem solving, they provide expert management consulting and project management services. Combined with our existing technology and software services, we can now offer a full-cycle technology and business consulting service.


Menome joined Arcurve in 2020. They assist companies in capturing, organizing and analyzing big data and turning it into sophisticated, powerful visual representations to improve efficiencies and optimize business processes. The addition of Menome significantly expands our service offerings to include leading edge AI/Data Analytics.

Our Founders

Mike Bauer is the Chief Technology Officer and a founding partner of Arcurve. He is known for his ability to create pragmatic technical solutions that put business concerns first. Mike brings more than 30 years of multi-disciplinary experience to Arcurve, guiding the team as they implement solutions ranging from straightforward to global in scale. 

Jay Gohill is the President and a founding partner of Arcurve and has successfully led the growth of the company for more than 15 years. He is committed to building a reputation of quality and delivery for our clients, while building a strong technical and social culture within the company. This has allowed Arcurve to continually grow and succeed through a number of economic and social conditions.

Michael McGovern is a founding partner of Arcurve. For the past 15 years he has been engaging with clients and potential clients about using technology and software to enable business transformation. Michael’s focus is to continue to enable Arcurve’s growth by providing software and consultancy services to a variety of industries and businesses who are looking to engage more effectively and successfully with technology.

Stuart O’Connor is the Chair and a founding partner of Arcurve. With more than 25 years of software and business experience he believes strongly in the potential of leveraging technology for clients by focusing on execution by top tier software talent working in a collaborative team environment.

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