The Arcurve Way

At Arcurve, we solve real problems for our clients by following the Arcurve Way at each stage of an engagement.

Identify The Problem And Make A Plan

Creating a solution means identifying the problem. Our experienced team of management consultants, project managers and business analysts are both experienced and skilled at this task. We narrow down your key deliverables, identify high priority items and provide a detailed scope of work for you to develop the roadmap to optimize your business processes and create efficiencies in your operations.

Analyze The Risks

We know every project has risks. We help you identify them early on and bring them to the forefront so that you can make informed decisions that make sense for your business.

Choose The Right Technology For What You Need

Our expert team of technology specialists and full-stack developers have built more than 700 projects on all of the leading software languages and platforms. We have the knowledge and hands-on experience to recommend the right technology, tools and practices for the best project outcome.

Iterative Development

We believe in taking measured steps and soliciting feedback along the way to keep the project aligned with your business needs. Our iterative approach allows your project to be completed in logical steps, addressing high-risk areas up-front, with more frequent review and testing to highlight issues faster allowing you to adjust your priorities and respond to changes in your business.


Each project is unique and has its own requirements. We develop a test strategy for your project, with the goal of risk reduction. This strategy strikes a pragmatic balance across unit, functional, integration, useability, compatibility, security, and performance testing. Some strategies are automated and run continuously and concurrently with the development process, while others are scheduled at key points in the project to ensure user groups have time to test the product and provide feedback.

Deployment and Configuration

A project is only complete once it’s deployed and configured for your needs. Whether your deployment is VM-based, using an installer, or containerized and cloud hosted with a CI/CD pipeline, we develop and test the process concurrently with software development. You can be confident in knowing how to deploy your finished product and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Documentation and Artefacts

Your project belongs to you. We leave you with the as-built documentation to help with future analysis or developments, whether they happen in-house or are outsourced. All artefacts we generate, including requirements, test plans and deployment scripts are yours to keep so you won’t have to go looking for them.

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