A different kind of playground

September 3, 2019

Aligning with Arcurve’s commitment to corporate social responsibility, on August 24 the Arcurve interns hosted Tech Playground, an event to expose youth to the world of software development. Who better to understand the learning curve of programming, than a team of computer science students?

During our first onboarding week at Arcurve, we were exposed to agile methodology and best software development practices through interactive games and friendly competition. We experienced firsthand how a learner’s interest skyrockets when their learning environment is supportive and values curiosity over perfection. This principle guided us as we developed a curriculum for the event.

We designed our activities to introduce the students to various concepts, including binary numbers, writing code, the logic behind programming, and the IoT. Games such as Minecraft and tic-tac-toe allowed us to explain the concepts in a way that was familiar to and interactive with the students.

The younger students enjoyed programming Micro:bits to play rock-paper-scissors or “Snap the Dot," while the older students configured their phones to illuminate an LED on a micro-controller. Some students even solved a programmatic puzzle box to navigate a marble through a maze!

We were blown away by the curiosity and open-mindedness shown by these young students; they not only completed the activities, but asked for additional challenges.

The future of the software industry is bright!

Editors note: Ideation, curriculum and execution of this project was carried out in full by our wonderful summer students/interns. We are extremely proud of them! And a big thank you to EvolveU for letting us utilize their learning space for the event!


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