Arcurve and Ivey MBA students team up

Dani Finch
January 25, 2022

At Arcurve, helping students is something we don’t take lightly. We’re proud of our Student Intern Program – that we’ve recently dubbed “Arcurve Academy”. We bring in a new “crop” of students each year to learn and experience life in the technology industry and this year will set a record as we look to bring in the most student interns we’ve ever had (pssst, if you haven’t applied yet, you still have time to apply here).

Our program is not only geared toward helping young students; we want to help ALL kinds of students in their educational journey. So, when we were approached by a group of MBA students from the Ivey Business School at Western University we jumped on board to help with their Field Project.

The MBA students’ Field Project tasked them to find a real-world company experiencing a business challenge and to come up with a recommendation and implementation plan for a solution. They chose Arcurve because of a unique opportunity – through acquisitions we brought on new services and we’re working on growing our new businesses. This was a win-win. The Ivey students would be able to provide a fresh set of eyes and perspective on where we were and where we wanted to go – and recommend ways to get there, particularly when it came to modifying our approach to Advanced Analytics sales.

The students came from different backgrounds: finance, project management, consulting and for them the experience to work together to put a plan together for Arcurve (their “client”) gave them valuable real-life experiences.

For Ivey student Tina Wu working in finance, she hadn’t had prior experience as a consultant and she wanted to build that skill. As it happened she also gained experience on the technical side of things and found this a useful addition to her skillset as well.

For Shehan Fernando who works in project management, specifically with internal clients, the exposure to working with a big external client such as Arcurve helped him hone better project management and consulting skills.

The team wrapped up their project in late 2021. They are all especially proud of the results, which included a full report of recommendations for Arcurve include an examination of our current sales process, opportunities for the future, and a robust implementation plan.

“I’m so proud of the entire project. Together as a team we all complemented each other and gave solid recommendations that I wouldn’t have thought of on my own,” said Wu.

Andres Galindo says he’s proud of the collective wisdom the team brought together and how the project reinforced some of the learnings from the process. “Our project is a valuable piece of work,” Galindo said, “We heard from Arcurve that our project delivered value to the organization and that means our time was well spent”.


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