BINGO! A new #shoplocal initiative led by Arcurve's student interns

Andrew Varsanyi
July 28, 2020

In this new era of working from home, typical office get togethers are not as common as they were. Face-to-face interaction with coworkers is very different and working independently with only your computer screen is not the same as working in the full hustle and bustle of an office. Going out for lunches, stopping by a colleague's desk, or having an all-out Nerf war isn’t as easy as it was before.

With that change in mind, Arcurve’s student interns organized together to create this year’s Community Social Responsibility project: Arcurve Bingo! This is a fun internal competition about being active and giving back to the local community. Arcurvians will be competing against each other, completing various challenges on their cards such as going on a hike, eating at a local restaurant, or volunteering at a local charity. While this is all done in the spirit of coming together with some friendly competition as a company, we also want to give back to those Mom-and-Pop shops who may have been negatively impacted by Covid-19. To do this, we have assembled a specially curated a list of local companies and will work with them to award sweet prizes and gift cards to winners.

Our goal with this project is to promote buying local, and to revitalize this aspect of community culture by encouraging our fellow Arcurvians to be active in the community, all while sharing their experiences!


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