Christmas Tree Planting

Kim McNabb
December 21, 2018

Every Arcurvian at Timber Ridge liked tree planting a lot.

But the people who lived just north of Priddis, did not.

Finding places to plant trees, was difficult any season.

Please don’t ask us why, no one quite knows the reason.

It may be that trees had to be planted just right.

It may be that software developers, we're simply too trite.

But we think that the most likely reason of all,

may have been that no one knew just how many trees we had caused fall.

But, whatever the reason, the holes or the dues,

We decided to plant trees, baby trees with no leaves.

Opening their home in the fall, a shovel for us all,

The O’Connors laughed aloud at the site of it all!

From high heels to flat hats, from the small to the tall,

We dug holes round the ranch,

We found homes for them all.

“They are replacing their post its!” they said with a grin,

Fifty Beautiful Blue Spruces, a sure win!

Then they all heading back, from the bush and the meadow,

They came in great droves, to gather round the warm kettle.

They rushed to eat, drink and be merry,

They shared pictures and stories and said good bye to those wary

Of going back to school, but they knew that they should,

Arcurve will be waiting, for those that were good!

Tomorrow the rest would wake bright and early,

Head back to the office

And try to be leery,

Of those that use paper, an abundance of it all,

Or else tree planting becomes a thing we do every fall!

Then they did something the trees liked least of all,

They left them round the ranch, to try not to fall!

As the snow and wind fly,

The software developers would try,

To stop this whole thing from creating an infant loop

But too late is it now? Had the event been a hoot?

“We know just what to do!” the team said with a grin,

And they hide all the paper, placed it all in a tin.

We’ll stop tree planting from happening again!

Then something happened, something most unexpected.

The team started planning, a thorough retrospective!

They liked digging and planting, watering too,

And suddenly they knew just what they had to do!

Each fall we will treasure, the time that we had,

Planting Trees out at Priddis,

We will do it again, we will go each fall.


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