Meet Stephanie!

August 27, 2021

Meet Stephanie Duke! Stephanie has been a Business Analyst at Arcurve for nearly two years.

Like all Arcurvians, Stephanie has been adopted into the Arcurve family and wears her Arcurve Badge proudly.

“The internal mentorship available to anyone who needs or wants it is helpful and inspirational,” Stephanie says. “Absolutely everyone here are fantastic humans and amazingly talented at what they do, and the leadership team is down to earth and easy to talk to – you always feel heard and supported”, she said.  

Stephanie’s journey to tech was slightly unconventional. She applied to SAIT’s New Media Production and Design program. She was hired by a web development shop right out of school and worked her way through various jobs in the company from customer service to digital marketing and now to Project Manager/ Business Analyst at Arcurve.  

Stephanie’s passion for the environment and her commitment to supporting local businesses is the epitome of an “Arcurvian” attitude.  

Her commitment to supporting local is one of the reasons Stephanie says she enjoys working here.

“ Arcurve’s support of the local community and organizations is incredible and makes me proud to work here.”

When she’s not working, Stephanie prefers to spend her free time in our own background enjoying campgrounds in Alberta with her fiancée and her Rottweiler/Husky,  Wrex, named after Wrex from Mass Effect (of course).  

Stephanie’s other passion is trying to live as eco-friendly a lifestyle as possible. She shops locally for everything that she can from wine and beer to dog food. She takes this passion as far as to knit leftover plastics bags into “plarn” , to re-use it.  She has so far managed to make a camping rug and a bag out of recycled plastic bags. Stephanie’s innovation and passion make her a top-notch Arcurvian!  

You can check out her crochet and upcycling @thepastycrafter on Instagram.


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