Foundation for Business Analytics


An oil and gas firm approached Arcurve to plan and build a foundation for business analytics around well reporting. The client had several sources of information, but no clear way to relate and consolidate the information for business analytics purposes.


Arcurve worked with the client to establish a Well Registry. The registry added the required master definition across all the systems that contribute data associated and enabled creating one view of the well. The registry centralized the rules into a set of tables that could easily be used by multiple business units analytic initiatives and tools. The work included Master Well Dashboard that contained valuable metrics to show potential data quality and process issues.  

With the Arcurve data consolidation project, the client was able to manage assets and arrive at business decisions with clearer and more accurate data.


Arcurve used …. SQL Server, SQL Server Integration Services, Power BI, and SQL Server Reporting Services. Getting the data from several line of business application IHSUSData, Drilling Info, P2 Land, OGSYS, WellEz, FieldDirect and ARIES.

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