From Arcurve Kid to Arcurve Intern: a 15 year journey

June 18, 2021

This September will mark the 15th anniversary for Arcurve. I can only think of a few people who’ve been there right from the very beginning. I count myself as one of those people, but for 14.5 of those years, it’s been as the daughter of one of the founders...not as an employee.  

Arcurve was founded a month before my 8th birthday. Until that point, I had no idea what my dad did for work (Too be honest I still don’t fully understand). All I really cared about that month was the trip we took to Disneyland. Little did I know that behind the scenes my poor father was going through probably the most stressful month of his life launching a brand-new company. The earliest memory I have of Arcurve is my dad and the other founders going through the process of choosing the name and that when I asked, the explanation I received for "why Arcurve?” was that it was simply two words mushed together.  

I have a lot of memories of growing up at Arcurve, but one of my fondest is the snack cabinets at the various offices. In the early years, once a month I would get to go to Costco with my dad and pick out snacks for the office. The very best part of any office visit was getting to pick out and eat whatever snacks I wanted. And honestly, this continues to be to true. When I would go to the office after university classes the first stop was always the kitchen.  

Some of the other earliest memories I have of Arcurve are at the  stampede barbecues. They were one of my favorite days every summer: I got to wake up at 5 a.m., hop in the U-Haul, get Mcdonalds breakfast and spend the day getting ready for the barbecue with my dad out at Stuart’s ranch. These barbecues go hand in hand with another thing I didn’t fully understand as a child but have come to now...the infamous Arcurve elixir. My dad claims to be an excellent bartender, however anyone who has consumed Arcurve elixir knows this is not true. He’s an evil bartender. Watching him create that elixir is not so different from watching a witch create a potion. The cackling as he pours another bottle of tequila in is something else. To this day, I’ve never finished a whole glass. I have, however, watched a barbecue attendee, who shall remain unnamed, try and hop on one of the horses at Stuart’s ranch after consuming several glasses.

All these memories offered me a small peek into what being an Arcurvian was like, but I didn’t fully understand the extent of it until I became one. Now, I’m interning in the Marketing Department for the summer to gain experience as I prepare to apply to law school.  While I heard about Arcurve all the time, I didn’t realize or understand the scope of the company until I started having to promote who we are and what we do on the daily.  

Over the years I’ve met hundreds of Arcuvians who all have one thing in common. Sure, a passion for technology, good work ethic and talent are part of who we are, but it’s not that. I can’t quite put a label on what “it” is exactly,  but what I do know is that it’s an openness and a welcoming demeanour that extends beyond just’s felt by family members, clients, contractors, students and everyone we connect with. I felt it when I was just a kid and I feel it now (and not just from my dad).  In my time so far as a summer intern, I have been met with nothing but warmth and kindness. In speaking with the other interns, this theme is common: we’ve all been bombarded with endless offers of help and chats to answer questions from almost everyone we’ve met at Arcurve.  

I’ve always been a somewhat of an Arcurvian, but the view from the inside as someone sees the day-to-day happenings, is more expansive than I ever thought. The company continues to grow and isn’t just a little software services company anymore: the kind of projects we do, the people who work here, the number of people who work here and the exact scope and reach of our work is enormous.  

From now on, I won’t be referring to Arcurve as a software company anymore, however when people ask me what my dad does, I still won’t have an answer for them.

I can’t believe how quickly the last 15 years has flown by and I look forward to watching the company grow over the next 15. Watch the blog as we share more stories of Arcurve’s past, present and future as we celebrate leading up to our 15th anniversary.  


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