From the Court to the Code: Lessons from Sports to Software

Louis Kunstmann
August 30, 2023

As I sit down to reflect on my journey from a professional volleyball athlete to a student-athlete working as a software developer at the end of my internship with Arcurve, I am amazed by the resemblance between two seemingly distinct worlds. It's fascinating how the skills I learned on the court have seamlessly transferred to the fast-paced realm of software development. So, please join me as I share my experiences and the unexpected parallels between these seemingly different domains.


One thing I found remarkably consistent across both sports and software development is the essence of teamwork. Whether on the court or in the codebase, the success of the team supersedes individual brilliance. On the court, each player has a role that contributes to the collective goal of victory. This parallels the various roles in software development, where frontend and backend developers, business analysts, QA, and Project Managers unite their skills to deliver great software. The lessons I learned about being in sync, trust, and mutual support among teammates have proven invaluable when working on complex coding projects.


Communication, both quick and efficient, stands as a pivotal bridge between sports and software development. Much like the non-verbal cues exchanged during a volleyball match, timely updates and clear insights within a development team can make or break a project's success. Where we have the daily standup for software development, during a game of Volleyball after every point, the team joins a quick huddle to discuss the next play and tactics, the similarity is tremendous. Whether on the court or in the virtual workspace, expressing thoughts openly and constructively is paramount. In sports, a well-timed call can prevent miscommunication during a play or even lead to great success. Similarly, in the coding realm, prompt communication about potential bugs or challenges prevents setbacks during the development process.

Time Management

Remember those early morning volleyball practices? They not only taught me discipline and dedication but also the art of managing my time effectively. This skill has proven to be a cornerstone in my transition to the world of software development. In the coding arena, efficient time management is crucial. Just as I balanced practice sessions, matches, and strategy discussions, I now manage coding tasks, meetings, and remote work responsibilities. The parallels between preparing for a game and preparing for a project highlight the importance of focused dedication, even in a remote work setting.

Overcoming Challenges

Whether facing an important bug that needs a quick fix or playing in a championship game, maintaining composure under pressure is a shared attribute of both fields. The ability to remain calm, composed, and focused is an essential tool. In volleyball, a tense moment on the court requires a level head and trust in one's skills. Similarly, when a critical issue arises during coding, the best course of action is to approach it with a clear mind and self-assuredness. Asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness, whether seeking guidance from a coach or a senior developer.

Achieving Collective Greatness

In both sports and software development, success is a collaborative journey. The highest achievement is attained when individuals align their efforts with the greater mission, putting the team's objectives ahead of personal glory. Whether spiking a ball or solving a coding challenge, understanding that working together drives the most exceptional outcomes is key. By embracing collaboration, maintaining effective communication, and mastering time management, both athletes and developers can reach their goals and elevate their respective fields.

As I transition from the world of volleyball to the realm of software development, I carry these invaluable lessons with me. Teamwork, communication, and time management have seamlessly bridged the gap between these domains, and I am excited to see how they will further develop throughout my journey!


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