From the Ground Up: Building Software from Scratch

Taylor V
August 16, 2022

While we spend most of our time on client projects at Arcurve, this summer a group of interns is tackling an internal software development project to increase the efficiency of Arcurve project management processes. As a business analyst on the internal project management process project, I have learned how to combat ambiguity through the inception, ideation, and prototypes of this project. Here are a few of my top takeaways from building a software solution from the ground up:

Think Big

When building a software solution from scratch, there are so many opportunities to implement unique features, design interesting interfaces, and promote the engagement of various users. My team started our project with an open-ended brainstorming session where we pitched every idea we could possible integrate into our project. By embracing the opportunity to dream big with features and defy the confines of a project midway through its development lifecycle, we were able to create a prioritized features list with endless opportunity for future expansions.

Ask Questions

Prior to working at Arcurve I had very little business analyst experience in the software development space. User stories, requirements gathering, and test cases were all new concepts to me. As I analyzed requirements for features of this project, I made sure to ask questions to clarify who our stakeholders were, why we wanted features implemented, and how we would implement features within the project. Asking questions is the best way to learn and grow!  

Take Inspiration

From the shows we watch on Netflix, to the social media applications we scroll, we interact with software daily. When developing software from scratch, looking at how I use diverse softwares and what I like and dislike about them helped me shape user stories and mockups optimized for user experience. Additionally, as an Arcurve internal project, I took inspiration from existing Arcurve applications to ensure the internal PM process project is consistent with the Arcurve brand. By taking inspiration from applications, and using Arcurve design themes, I had a great starting point for planning the user interface, features, and navigation throughout the application.  

Working on an internal project at Arcurve has been an amazing hands-on opportunity to learn about technology and grow as a business analyst. I have enjoyed driving positive internal change through this project and am so proud of my team’s growth through the inception and development of this application.


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