How Working at Arcurve Has Helped Me Outside of Work

Nathan W
August 15, 2022

Going into my internship, I knew that I would acquire tons of new technical knowledge. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that this knowledge would translate to my extracurricular activities and that Arcurve would support me in my personal learning and development. Here are just a few examples of how working at Arcurve has helped me grow:


Being an avid hackathon participant, I was excited knowing that my internship would teach me skills that would help me win competitions. Hackathons are time-sensitive; at a recent hackathon, my team knew we needed to organize our thoughts and work efficiently, and our experience at Arcurve helped us achieve this goal. Taking part in daily stand-ups taught us the value of project management tools such as JIRA, and we used these tools to create “mini-sprints” and effectively split the workload amongst the team. In addition, having worked with UI/UX designers, we knew the value of designing a mockup in Figma, which drastically reduced the time we spent brainstorming. But that’s not all. In my previous hackathons, my team was always scared to leverage Git’s advanced features, worrying that improper usage could affect our project and cause conflicts. However, because of the mentorship and experience we received at Arcurve, we were confident in our abilities, and we used countless Git features (such as multiple merge requests into different branches) to improve our development flow.

Learning New Technologies

While my project has exposed me to tons of new technologies, there are certain topics I’d like to explore that aren’t related to my project. However, Arcurve allows interns to take half a day each week to study any topic they are interested in, and as a result, I’m able to achieve some of my personal learning goals at work. Currently, I’ve been learning GraphQL, a querying language which is an alternative to a traditional REST API. I know that self-learning isn’t encouraged at every company, and I really appreciate Arcurve’s dedication to helping their interns improve their skills.


I knew that by working at Arcurve, I’d be able to learn many new technologies and improve my technical skills. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I was given a mentor to whom I could ask questions regarding university and my career. It was encouraging to know that Arcurve not only helps its employees succeed on the job, but also helps them succeed in other areas of their life.  

What I’ve learnt at Arcurve has not only helped me with my software development skills, but also my career and life outside of work. If you would like to know how Arcurve can help you, check out our blog and careers page.


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