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June 22, 2021

It was a particularly cold Calgary evening in February 2019 when a pipe burst one floor above my dad’s downtown office. Within minutes, water came flooding through the air vents and running down the walls like a scene straight out of the movie Titanic. While the cardboard file boxes were quickly moved and the electronics lifted to higher ground, it was clear that the damage would be a major problem long after the water stopped.  

At the time, Arcurve was still working out of its old office on 11th avenue and as a rapidly growing company, space was becoming a commodity. Despite this, they were the first to offer my dad’s company, one they worked with pretty closely, a place to temporarily relocate their office while the post-flood repairs were underway. I was blown away by the level of generosity and support from Arcurve. The offer to help my dad’s small business in a crisis without any hesitation spoke volumes about the culture at Arcurve. A culture that, as an intern, I’ve now had the pleasure of experiencing first-hand.  

From the beginning, the four founders of Arcurve had a belief that there was a better way to deliver professional services in the technology industry. Not only a better way to solve challenging problems, leverage cutting-edge technology, and provide best-in-class software solutions, but a better way to do so without compromising on things that are important to people, like their family, friends, and community. It’s that people-centric sentiment that is echoed throughout every aspect of the company, from actively shaping the local community, to supporting the entrepreneurial spirit of Arcurve alumni, and even providing opportunities for students to start their careers.  

The Local Community

I sat down with Jay Gohill, the President and CEO of Arcurve, to better understand how the local community is embedded within the fabric of the company. Jay explained that the Western spirit of family is at the heart of Arcurve. Sure, that family includes Arcurve’s employees, contractors, and interns, but it also includes their families, clients, neighbouring local businesses, and the greater community.  

One of the questions he often gets during company events like the annual Stampede barbecue or Pub Nights is “why would you invite your clients and their families to an event like this?” His reply is simple: “Because our clients are people too”. It all comes down to recognizing the importance of work-life balance and fostering an environment where career growth doesn’t come at the expense of family relationships.

Arcurve is also a champion for giving back to the local community. As a founder of YYC Tech Gives, a long-time supporter of the Calgary Food Bank and Brown Bagging for Calgary Kids, and an active sponsor of local STEM initiatives like Beakerhead, Arcurve is committed to making a difference in its own backyard. As Jay puts it, “this is the place that gave us an opportunity, we have to give back”.

Arcurve Alumni

There is a certain pride that comes with wearing the Arcurve badge. That pride is about sharing the vision of being architects of the future; a commitment to staying ahead of the curve. And it’s also something that stays with people beyond their time at Arcurve. Arcurve is a place for employees to build successful careers, develop highly sought-after skills, and empower entrepreneurial thinking. Our alumni are change-makers and innovators, heading to the likes of Attabotics, atVenu, Cisco, Deloitte, and DIRTT, where they invest their talent into building out the local tech community. Jay sees the future of Arcurve as “the incubator of the next generation of entrepreneurs” and if history is any indication, Arcurve is on the right path.

Students at Arcurve

Investing in the future means investing in a new generation, and there’s no better example than Arcurve’s internship program. Interns at Arcurve hit the ground running, taking active roles in software development, business analytics, project management, and quality assurance as fully-fledged team members. As an intern, one of the things that surprised me the most was how receptive my team members were to my input. It’s super refreshing to both work and learn in an environment that offers opportunities to make meaningful contributions and provides challenges to fuel professional growth. There’s a reason why many of the former/current interns I’ve talked to said they would come back in a heartbeat!

So, if you’re looking to work with a company that’s built both by and for its people, Arcurve might be the place for you! For a list of job postings, click here.


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