Industrial IoT Advisory


The client, a technology company, manufactures, sells, and operates an Industrial IoT (IIoT) product. The IIoT devices are in-house custom designed and manufactured and are solar powered and deployed to remote locations, with each device performing data collection and “edge” data processing. All devices connect to a cloud-based software system that performs data collection, analysis, and presentation. The software system is web-based and accessed over the public internet. To end customers, it is a typical cloud-hosted SaaS system. All design, construction, operation, and ongoing evolvement of the software system is performed by the client’s capable in-house team. Although the system was running well and performing as expected, the in-house team desired to engage with a third-party to review both specific and general technical aspects to ensure they were aligned with industry best practices.


Arcurve worked with our client to understand the overall solution architecture, customer growth trajectory, and business drivers. From this understanding we were able to identify several emerging technical patterns and practices that would be beneficial. These were reviewed with the client, leaving the decision to implement, timing, and technical implementation in the hands of the client. Additionally, the client had specific technical inquiries related to database optimization and federated authentication. The appropriate Arcurve technical experts were engaged in these specific areas, and in some cases performed all analysis and implementation, while in other cases developed reference implementations so that the client’s developers could be fully involved and responsible for the technical implementation.

Our client continues to engage with Arcurve on an as-needed basis. The client’s technical team benefits from having access to a technical team that possess a broad range of skills and expertise while remaining fully involved in all technical implementation. The business benefits brought by being able to engage technical expertise and capacity on-demand and as needed, without having to add dedicated staff, enabled this project to be a success.


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