Massive Multiplayer Game Network Infrastructure


A gaming company was looking for help building their platform. Needing a combination of business, financial, and user-interface help, they reached out to Arcurve for help.


Arcurve built the platform and network infrastructure to support a massive multi-player peer-to-peer PC-based game being developed by a third-party gaming company.  The platform was reused for new games as they are published.  The infrastructure automated the configuration of in-game P2P connections to support all combinations of networking scenarios.  Integration of infrastructure with third-party games was also part of the scope. As well, Arcurve built manual configuration tools to help users in highly restrictive network environments troubleshoot networking problems and build a successful connection to game server and opponent. The Arcurve team built a commercial, scalable game server environment to handle thousands of concurrent users, tracking game statistics, manage user accounts, avatars and support advanced social networking features.

Arcurve also provided a commercial commerce transaction tool to manage online game marketplace and payment collection, track online currency balances.  It also created a “brand-able” game download infrastructure for players to download the initial game and updates, using click-once technology.  Arcurve also provided project management services to coordinate co-development between Arcurve, a third-party gaming company, and the game publishing company.  Overall integration testing of hardware and services was an integral part of the co-sourcing arrangement.


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