My Cross-Country Summer Internship

July 25, 2022

Going into my Arcurve internship, I didn’t really know anything about Calgary. I had never been to Calgary, or anywhere on the Western side of Canada. I also didn’t know what it would be like to not only work remotely, but also work remotely from the other side of the country. Being a Toronto-based Arcurve intern has been an exciting and educational experience. Here are some things I’ve learned:

Join the Community

Very quickly into my internship, I realized the effort Arcurvians around me made to make me feel included. Whether it was mentors checking in with me, chats with team members, or intern activities, I have always felt welcome and valued. However, working in unfamiliar circumstances meant that I was still hesitant at the beginning to reach out to people for help or even participate in virtual events. I gradually learned that I also have to reciprocate the effort to truly be a part of the community. It was only through actively engaging with those around me that I was able to learn to code in a new programming language and use new technology platforms. More importantly, it also made me feel like I was truly part of a team instead of being alone in my own little bubble.

Find Creative Ways to Stay Motivated

Working in a different time zone and location than my team made it harder for me to stay motivated and set a proper schedule. At the start of my internship, I thought that I had to work on a standard 9-5 schedule. After a while, this left me feeling quite lethargic. Instead, I decided to section off my workday by starting earlier and giving myself a longer lunch break. I also started taking snack breaks whenever I was stuck on a coding problem, instead of just staring blankly into my screen. Finding a work schedule that suited me helped me feel more excited and productive at work.

Embrace the Distance

Finally, I’ve learned to enjoy working remotely. This doesn’t mean that I don’t wish I could work in-person at the office or meet everyone at in-person events like the Arcurve BBQ. Rather, it’s that I’ve learned to appreciate my personal growth and the newfound independence I’ve gained from this experience. Instead of focusing on the aspects that I’ve been missing out on, I learned to make the most out of my summer.

I’ve learned so many things through my remote summer internship at Arcurve, and I’m so grateful to have had this experience. I would encourage anyone (regardless of where you are based!) to apply. Check out our Careers Page to learn more : )


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