My Journey as a Business Student Intern in the Technology World

August 2, 2023

Coming into my internship at Arcurve, I had very minimal exposure to technology as a business student. Tackling my first full-stack software project within a complex industry and a team of over 20people felt like an impossible task. Initially, I struggled to keep pace due to my limited technology experience. However, with the support of my colleagues and my determination to learn, I quickly caught up and became a valuable contributor. Here’s what I discovered along the way:

Mastering the Project Language

My project heavily relied on data, particularly SQL. Thankfully, I had a basic understanding of SQL before I started my internship. Despite having pre-existing knowledge, I realized that it was crucial for me to sharpen my skills to apply them in a meaningful way, so I took advantage of the online courses provided by Arcurve during my onboarding. Taking a course allowed me to refresh my knowledge and become proficient in leveraging SQL effectively for our project. Using SQL became a crucial part of my daily work, which helped me decode the project’s data and fulfil the requirements for business analysis.

Being Resourceful in Research

In the initial weeks, I felt stuck in understanding the project, especially when my colleagues were tied up with work. To overcome this, I got scrappy with research. One effective approach was diving into the existing project documentation. However, it wasn't always straightforward. The information available was scattered, so I navigated through documents, scanning for relevant details using specific keywords and cross-referencing the information with our databases and existing applications, gradually piecing together a clearer picture. When I encountered gaps, especially in the complex industry our project was involved in, I explored external sources. This external research provided me with a comprehensive view of the industry’s issues and goals, shedding light on our project’s overall objectives.

Overcoming Fear of Asking Questions

At the start, I found it difficult to follow the technical language used by the team. I was more familiar with the language of business than the language of technology, which made me hesitant to ask questions because I felt I should already have the answers. However, as I got more involved with my team and project, I realized that it was okay not to know everything.

I set a personal rule for myself: I'd first try to solve problems on my own, but if I got stuck, then I’d ask for help. I promised not to shy away from asking, even if my questions seemed simple. Surprisingly, each question I asked, regardless of its complexity, helped me better understand the project bit by bit. This approach gradually made me amore effective Business Analyst, improving my contributions to the project.

What Have I Taken Away?

Jumping into a technology-centred internship as a business student was tough at first, but it evolved into an exciting and rewarding journey. Although my background seemed like a hurdle, it turned out to be a valuable opportunity to explore my passion for technology beyond what I studied in school, significantly contributing to my growth as a technology professional.


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