My Movember

December 12, 2018

I've been Movembering episodically for the past ten-ish years.

I Movember because the cause is good and the method is ridiculous. The Movember Foundation works to "stop men dying too young". In general, men are less likely to be pro-active about their health than women. This contributes to the shorter life expectancy of men, hence "dying too young". The funds raised in Movember go to address men's health risks such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health. In the past fifteen years the Movember Foundation has raised over $900 million to fund projects around the world.

I like the habit of Movember. I get to spend a week remembering to not shave the Mo, two weeks explaining that yes, it's on purpose, and about a week looking forward to December. A month of doing double takes when I see myself in a mirror. That whole time, I'm reminded of the cause, and that there's more to do. More sharing, more fundraising, more habits to build in my health.

I hope everyone gets a chance to participate: by cheering a friend on, by contributing personally, and by investing in your own health.

Thanks to everyone who has helped over the years!

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