March 22, 2019

A day to celebrate your very good boy!

March 23 is National Puppy Day! Founded in 2006 to promote adoption, National Puppy Day shines a spotlight on orphaned puppies and unfortunately, it is not a small pack.

Sure, it may seem unrelated to full-service software development, but we’ve always had a soft spot for our four-legged, furry friends and the community that does so much for them!

When puppies walked among us

For one glorious day each December, Arcurve is transformed into ARRFFcurve, home of Puppy Paw-looza, and host to excitable devs and puppies alike.

Last year, local food blogger Julie Van Rosendaal helped us whip up pancakes for anyone who showed up wearing festive pjs, while the CBC Eyeopener’s Angela Knight handed out gift cards from local businesses including Bumpy’s Café, Sucre Patisserie & Café, and Jelly Modern Doughnuts.

Puppy Paw-looza is a long-standing partnership between CBC Calgary and the Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF)—CBC listeners exchange a Calgary Food Bank donation for some sweet puppy cuddles as part of their annual Food Bank Drive.

(We were offered the opportunity to host Puppy Paw-looza as a result of our work with YYC Tech Gives and our regular donations to the Calgary Food Bank.)

Paw-sitively perfect adoptions

Several Arcurvians have adopted their canine companions from local agencies here in Calgary. In fact, our Director of HR & Community, Kim McNabb, adopted sweet Nala from ARF many years ago.

So in honour of National Puppy Day, spread the word about puppy adoption, or at the very least, give a little extra love to the next doggo you see.

And make sure to mark your calendars for the next Puppy Paw-looza in December 2019!

UPDATE: Jeremy Nauta, a software developer at Arcurve, stayed up for 24 hours straight this past weekend to make a video game from scratch—all to benefit the Greater Edmonton Animal Rescue Society. What a guy! The livestream is over but you can check out the game here.


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