PI, Pie... and InsPIEred Customer Service!

Kim McNabb
March 13, 2019

“The secret to making great tasting pie is to use your hands! It may not look as good but it sure will feel better!” Scott MacFarlane, Pie Maker Extraordinaire and Director of Client Services at Arcurve Inc.

Start with the Crust:

Every amazing experience starts with a solid foundation. As a perfect flaky crust is to delicious apple pie, Client Services Director Scott MacFarlane is to Arcurve Inc.

Scott’s years of experience in software organizations, and his reputation for providing and coaching others to provide outstanding customer service experiences are key components of Arcurve’s culture.

Building on relationships is at the heart of what we do, and Scott brings out the best in all of those he interacts with… but what’s with the PIE?

Question: Did you have anything to do with the naming of Arcurve’s 3.14 meeting room? Was there an ulterior motive?

Scott: No! But I think it’s very clever and gives me a great opportunity to fill it with delicious treats!

Pick your Pan with Care:

While size and materials should be considered in picking the perfect pie pan, passion and attitude matter most when building a high-performance team.

Scott, previously President and COO of an oil and gas software company with international operations, has always selected roles and created opportunities based on the service experience.

Question: Your roots go back to owning and operating a hugely successful pie shop. So why did you make the decision to join Arcurve?

Scott: The company I was with previously used Arcurve as a service provider, so I was aware of them and their reputation. My relationship with Jay, Mike and Kim is ultimately why I made the move.

Let’s Bake!

Pie filling, while essential, can be tricky. Flavour combinations, cream consistency, savoury options… you could spend all your time focused on these decisions. But is that where the growth really is? We asked the expert what the key focus should be.

Question: What is your greatest take away from owning a pie shop that has made you successful in the software industry?

Scott: Listening! I used to tell people that the customers didn’t come for the PIE. Sure, it was part of it, but they came for the whole experience.


While the saying might be “easy as pie,” that is not always the case with great customer service. Building a culture focused on client experiences takes a concentrated effort.

Continually bringing the focus back to the client, including an element of the client in all that you do, and coaching your team to really understand and work to solve client problems is a great start. And having amazing people in your organization like Scott is a sure-fire way to make it happen.

Rapid fire question time:

3 things you are most proud of in your career

Isn’t pride one of the deadly sins?

1 regret

I didn’t finish school.

and 4 words of advice for dealing with clients?

Listen. Follow up. Deliver. Repeat. Way easier to keep a client than get a new one.


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