Ready to Giv'r at SPAM Cup!

December 3, 2019

We are so excited to announce that Terry Cahill, of FUBAR fame, will be our team ringer for this year's SPAM Cup!

To see who has what it takes to compete alongside Terry, we held an Iron Chef (FUBAR-style of course!) competition at the office today. It was as exactly as ridiculous as you are imagining.

Three teams took Terry's favourite foods (Pilsner, hot dogs and nacho chips) and had 15 minutes to create a dish that would impress the judges.

We had some very creative entries:

Kraft Dinner arancini on a bed of all-dressed 'potato salad'

Pilsner cheese hot dog dip

And cheesy hotdogs with crunchy chip topping

The judges has some *feelings* about the food.

The audience got to vote for their favourite team with cash and canned food donations to the Calgary Food Bank.

🤘 ...and the winning team was... Olga, Juliana and Ross! Congrats on your win, guys, and looking forward to watching you compete at this year's SPAM Cup! 🤘

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