Refining Educational Outcomes


A large Regional School System sought to better understand how different student pathways impacted their eventual academic achievement. The System’s analysts had no shortage of data, including course selections, teachers, student schedules, class quiz and test results, university applications, university acceptances, and, in some cases, university results.  Unfortunately, this data was saved in many different formats, across many different applications, including in some cases, hand-written reports stored in file cabinets.  Combining, contextualizing and analyzing this data was a gargantuan task, one that exceeded the capabilities of the School System’s team.  The Arcurve Advanced Analytics team was brought in to integrate this collection of student information, creating a knowledge resource that would help the analyst team gain insights into the impacts of student choices.


The Arcurve team created a framework of intelligent data agents to quickly bring all the data for each of the different formats and application into a single knowledge graph. Once the knowledge graph was created, Arcurve data scientists partnered with the School System’s team to explore various hypotheses about student outcomes.

Using tools from the Advanced Analytics Knowledge Center, and plus Knowledge Center APIs to directly connect the knowledge graph information to local analytical tools, the School System was able to discern previously hidden patterns in student journeys.  Through these examinations, the School System was able to make adjustments to student option, scheduling, and curriculum to help the School System and its students raise the overall level of academic attainment and achievement.


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