Speeding Decision Making Using Real Time Telemetry


Environmental Remediation of remote field sites is a complicated business. It requires the alignment of a challenging bureaucracy, experts from many different fields, and the transportation of these experts plus the sophisticated machinery they need to do their jobs all to extremely remote and logistically challenging locations. Once on site, a comprehensive set of surface and subterranean geologic data, both numerical and ad-hoc, must be collected and reported back to the environmental scientists responsible for planning specific site remediation strategies. Time is of the essence, as the costs of maintaining a team on-site are considerable.  Everything that could be done to shorten the time needed for data collection, analysis, and site strategy formulation was prioritized. The Company turned to Arcurve to streamline data collection and integration, and provide new analytical insights of the data, for faster and more accurate decision-making.


The Arcurve team collaborated with the Company to develop a new tablet-based application that was able capture all the field-generated information (including structured/numeric and unstructured/ad hoc) and transmit it back to the science team in real-time. Using a customized application, Arcurve consolidated this information into a single robust knowledge graph that contextualized the new data with all the data collected from other sites.

Thanks to the Arcurve solution, the Company’s scientists now have complete access to the integrated and contextualized information from all their sites, including field information. The analytics solution feeds the information directly to the science team’s analytical benches, to reveal data patterns that suggest and confirm the most effective treatment strategies. Leveraging the knowledge graph created from the field data, the science team can quickly evaluate remediation options and compare potential strategies with unprecedented speed. Finally, as data from each site is added to the knowledge graph, it becomes a more powerful resource – the data from each successive site improves the accuracy and speed of future remediation decisions.


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