Supply Chain Optimization


To ensure uninterrupted mining, refinery, chemical manufacturing and other operations it is critical to continuously maintain and sometimes replace massive operational infrastructures and monitoring and replacing complex equipment such as industrial valves, pipe, joints, and pumps. The Company had developed an online marketplace that meets this need, creating a clearinghouse for large-scale industrial components. The Company must be able to provide buyers and sellers with accurate specifications, manufacturing history, and compliance standards for every part that it offers. This data is contained in manuals and specification guides, various online resources, and manufacturer’s documentation. Information from four to nine different resources needed to be combined and contextualized for each part.


The Arcurve Advanced Analytics team, with its knowledge and experience in the development of intelligent data agents, was deployed to extract and gather all the item-specific data from all of the sources related to each of the industrial parts offered in the Company’s online marketplace.  The team successfully captured and stored this information in a knowledge graph, which included both numerical and textual data as well as the relationship of each piece of data to every other piece of data in the knowledge graph. The Arcurve team then deployed a custom application to connect the information stored in the knowledge graph to the Company’s marketplace infrastructure.

Today, the company is able to provide clients with accurate, up to the minute information about the valves and other parts it has available to prospective buyers. The information is complete: it combines manufacturing specifications, operational guidelines, field notes, and regulatory information to provide buyers an end-to-end understanding of a part and its suitability for a specific task.  Because the knowledge resource that backs up this marketplace is cost-effectively maintained by the Arcurve team, the client is able to deliver higher value to its prospective clients and maintain a competitive edge.


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