Volunteering; A Socially Responsible Way to Engage!

Kim McNabb
April 22, 2020

Arcurve, thanks to the efforts of our team, have been Partners for Life with Canadian Blood Services for several years now. The constant need for blood donors has not changed. Did you know that for every open-heart surgery, 5 donors are needed; for leukemia treatments 8 donors are needed and for someone injured in a car crash up to 50 donors may be needed to save a life?!

After researching and understanding the protective measures put in place during the COVID 19 crisis, the team made the decision to continue donating during this time. Here’s why:

Murray: “A family member has had multiple open-heart surgeries over the course of their lifetime, and each surgery required blood donations. Therefore, donating is my way of giving back. I’ve been donating for over a decade. It’s a good feeling to know you are directly impacting the lives of people who are battling cancer, having life-saving surgeries and recovering from accidents. “

Andrew: “I can’t imagine someone who is in need at the hospital, not surviving just because there was not enough blood available. I am healthy and usually eligible for donating blood, so that half hour every two months is an easy ask considering I can help save someone’s life. For me, it’s the least I can do to help."

While the team had some concerns about the risk of COVID 19 prior to donating, the measures Canadian Blood Services put in place including wellness screening at entry, increased spacing in the wait areas and donation areas, as well as increased cleaning and disinfecting along with replacing reusable materials with single use, all made the individuals feel comfortable and reassured about their personal safety. At this time of social distancing anything we can do to help stay connected is important.

We would like to thank our team along with all the volunteers that donate on a regular basis. This week, for Volunteer Week, we would encourage you to connect in a way that’s meaningful to you through volunteering.


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