What makes Arcurve, Arcurve?

Kim McNabb
May 29, 2019

It’s true that you can’t invent culture—it is the result of a particular group of people, living in a particular environment at a particular point in time. Therefore, it is extremely important to be deliberate in your actions. At Arcurve, we live our values on the daily to create the type of culture our team can thrive in.

So, what are our guiding values? How do they impact our team and make Arcurve a great place to work?


Our collaborative team approach sets us apart in the market. Our commitment to teamwork applies to client work, growth and mentorship of individual team members, and also plays a key role in the identification of fit and talent during our recruitment process.

Talented people enjoy working with and learning from other talented people. Our team knows that optimal solutions are created when diverse skill sets and viewpoints come together to create and deliver those solutions.

Mutual Trust and Honest Interactions

Fostering a professional environment means that we hire great people and then allow them the flexibility to perform! We are not big on office hours or micromanagement—we trust in people to do their best and provide them with support when needed.

Our clients are repeat and referral clients. The relationship with our clients is built on trust—trust that we will deliver an excellent product and trust that we will communicate honestly and openly. Frequent and clear communication with our clients is the cornerstone of how we work.

Continuous Growth

Career growth no longer needs to be a vertical climb. We view career development as a well-rounded approach to continuous learning—of technology, domains and business problems. Our team members apply their skills to bring others along in their profession through mentoring and inclusive leadership.

Passion for Technology and Great Software

Our people are highly motivated by identifying a problem, proposing a solution and seeing the results in the hands of users. While the technology itself is interesting, we’re looking for individuals driven by solving problems.

We refer to ourselves as “technology agnostic,” which means we are not loyal to a particular platform or technology—we select whatever makes the most sense for the client and their project. Therefore, when we assess a prospective employee’s technical skill set, not only are we are looking for a broad range of skills, we are looking for a curious mind that is constantly seeking to learn new concepts and technologies.

Our team members are involved in building, creating, teaching and playing outside of their day-to-day work. You’ll often find them volunteering to teach kids to code on the weekend, building an application and commercializing it, or simply standing in line for the next version of the latest and greatest gadget.

Community and Citizenship

Community is extremely important at Arcurve. We focus on three pillars of community:

  • building software development as a profession
  • supporting grassroots movements by our team members
  • YYC Tech Gives, a non-profit organization of local tech companies that come together to give back to the Calgary community

Want to be part of the Arcurve community? If you are curious, creative, and share our values, Arcurve may be the place for you!


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