Why Arcurve Academy is the Best Internship You Could Ask For

Prem B
September 22, 2022

Many of my friends complained that their internships were too boring or lacked exposure to modern technologies; when applying for internships, I knew I wanted to work for a company where I could not only contribute but also learn and improve my skills as a software developer. Working at Arcurve was the best decision I made for my personal and professional growth, and here’s why:


Arcurve doesn’t silo their interns away into meaningless tasks. Even on day 1, we’re trusted and encouraged to expose ourselves to as many different technologies as possible and to work directly on production code. When I first met my team, they introduced me to a React and Django tech stack, two frameworks I had never touched. I was given ample time to learn and committed code to production within a few days. The Arcurve team doesn’t expect you to know everything when you start; they trust and allow you to put the time in to learn and understand the technology.


While the team at Arcurve wants us to learn as much as possible, they’re also committed to making the internship experience fun. Nearly every intern is on a different team, but through weekly roundtables, and the amazing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project, we’re still able to converse with each other regularly. Moreover, the Arcurve office has a fancy social space with nice ping-pong, foosball, and pool tables, and I’ve frequently used it to just chat with other employees or play a quick game while I mull over my current task. These interactions are great for growing your network and getting to know other employees in the company and give you a chance to ask for advice regarding your career.


Throughout my internship, Arcurve hosted workshops on topics such as User Experience and User Interface (UI/UX) design, Data Analysis and Handling, and DevOps. Even though interns weren’t working in these teams, Arcurve was still committed to ensuring we had a full understanding of every aspect of the company, which was especially helpful when asking questions to Arcurvians in other parts of the organization. For example, when our team’s UI/UX developer shows us new designs for our project, I now understand his thought process and am even able to offer my suggestions for improvement.

I encourage everyone to apply to Arcurve (especially if you are looking for an internship)! The Arcurve Academy internship program grows bigger every year, so believe me when I say you wouldn’t want to miss out. Check out our careers page to learn more!


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